9781451499698Tim Dowley. Atlas of the European Reformations. Mineapolis: Fortress, 2015.

Students will love this atlas by Tim Dowley. Not only does it begin with a colorful timeline of the sixteenth-century, but Dowley guides the reader through the events of the Reformation with particular focus on the social, political, and geographical context. The first half of the book is devoted to “Before the Reformation” and the second half to the diverse reformations themselves. On just about every other page you will find a map, but the maps are not ordinary; instead, they are color coated to identify something specifically. To take just one example, map 32 pictures the English Reformation. The territories are divided between purple (i.e., predominantly Catholic) and yellow (predominantly Protestant). Maps like this one give you a visual as to where allegiances were to be found. Allow me one more example: map 50. Here is a map of Europe and each country is colored according to its religious or denominational commitment (e.g., Lutheran, Calvinist/Reformed, Moravian, Muslim, etc.). And the very next map traces where the early English migrants landed in New England as well.

Well, I could go on. In short, here is a visual of the Reformation. If you love studying the Reformation, this new atlas is like candy. I am not sure there is one like it out there.

I leave with you with two images of the book below:



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