The new issue of Credo Magazine is now here: The English Reformation.

The word “Reformation” immediately brings to mind a young Martin Luther, his 95 theses, and his memorable stand at the Diet of Worms. But did Luther’s writings have any influence in England? And what led certain English reformers to similar, sometimes identical, convictions about justification and biblical authority?

In this issue of Credo Magazine, “The English Reformation,” we are introduced to some of the key English reformers, men like William Tyndale, Thomas Cranmer, and many others. Outstanding pastors and scholars tell us how the Reformation took root in England under very different political circumstances than Germany and why many of these reformers were willing to be martyred for their faith.

Contributors include Andrew Atherstone, Leslie Williams, Michael A.G. Haykin, Michael Jensen, Sam Fornecker, Ken Berding, and many others.

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