Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: John Dagg

By Steve Weaver– John Leadley Dagg was born on February 14, 1794 in Middleburg, Virginia. He became the first Southern Baptist to write a systematic theology. He was a pastor, a school administrator and teacher in four different states. His Manual of Theology (1857) and Treatise on Church Order (1858) were published together in one … Read More

Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: Adoniram Judson

By Steve Weaver–  Adoniram Judson (1788-1850) was born August 9, 1788 in Malden, Massachusetts. His father, Adoniram Judson, Sr., was a Congregationalist minister in New England. The younger Judson was a precocious child who learned to read by the age of three. He proved to be an excellent student, mastering Greek and Latin at an … Read More

Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: William Carey

By Steve Weaver — William Carey (1761-1834) was born on August 17, 1761 in a tiny village called Paulerspury in Northamptonshire, England. His parents, who were of humble background, were devout adherents to Anglicanism. Though he came from a family of weavers, by the age of sixteen Carey would be apprenticed to a shoemaker in … Read More

Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: Andrew Fuller

By Steve Weaver– Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was born on February 6, 1754 in the village of Wicken in Cambridgeshire, England.  He was born into a family of Baptists at a time when the Particular Baptists of England were strongly influenced by what is known as hyper or high Calvinism. Hyper-Calvinism is a term used to … Read More

Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: John Gill

By Steve Weaver— When John Gill (1697-1771) died he was widely recognized as the greatest Baptist theologian of the eighteenth century. While pastoring the same congregation for nearly fifty-two years, Gill more than earned the nickname, “Dr. Voluminous,” by publishing more than ten thousand pages during his lifetime! Gill holds the distinction of being the … Read More

Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: Benjamin Keach

By Steve Weaver— Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) has been identified by historian Michael Mullet “as the leading Baptist theologian of his era, similar in importance for his denomination as Richard Baxter was for the English Presbyterians, John Owen for the Congregationalists and Robert Barclay … for the Quakers.”[1] Keach’s theological pilgrimage took him from his baptism … Read More

Ten Baptists Everyone Should Know: William Kiffin

By Steve Weaver —  William Kiffin (c. 1616-1701) is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of English Particular Baptists. His remarkable life nearly spanned almost the entirety of the formative seventeenth century and he was the only man to sign both the First London Confession of Faith of 1644 and the Second London … Read More