How to Study Theology: Eighteen Specifications

April 19, 2018Theology

Everyone is a theologian. This is not to say that everyone is a good theologian. It only means that whenever someone asserts a truth about a topic dealt with in the Bible, they are stating a theological proposition. I assume most reading this article, however, are seeking to be good theologians. How can we study theology in the … Read More

The Violent Showdown: The Exodus in Isaiah (Andrew Wilson)

April 18, 2018Exodus

Isaiah is a prophet of the Exodus. His rich and beautiful prophecy contains a dramatic exodus triple-whammy, as he promises first rescue from Assyria, then redemption from Babylon, and finally redemption from sin itself, in a fashion that echoes the exodus but turns it completely on its head. Those who know the story of Moses … Read More

The Big Thing Seminary Did Teach Me: I’ll Never Graduate from Learning

April 17, 2018Seminary

The man who would eventually become my doctoral supervisor, Tom Nettles, taught me three profoundly valuable words for ministry during my first week as a seminary student: “I don’t know.” Those words came in reply to one of my fellow MDiv student’s questions about Baptist history, a topic on which Dr. Nettles has written thousands … Read More

Theophanies (Vern S. Poythress)

April 16, 2018Theophany

What is a theophany? The word theophany derives from two Greek words, which mean “God” and “appearing.” A theophany is a special case when God appears to human beings. God appeared in thunder and fire to the people of Israel at Mount Sinai (Ex. 19-20). God appeared to Isaiah in a spectacular vision where Isaiah … Read More

Reformation Worship: An Interview on Liturgies from the Past for the Present (Part 1)

April 12, 2018Reformation, Worship

Church history teaches the present how to move into the future through its instruction from the past. Reformation Worship, edited by Jonathan Gibson and Mark Earngey, brings forth such instruction on the topic of worship from the era of the Reformation. Containing 26 liturgies from sixteenth-century Reformers, Reformation Worship stands as “a worship resource of almost unparalleled richness,” … Read More

The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross (Patrick Schreiner)

April 11, 2018Kingdom

Restoring the Concrete Nature of the Kingdom When many modern-day Christians come to kingdom language in the Bible, they have a hard time knowing what it is. Jesus never directly explains it; he never gives a definition, and the Gospel writers never record the crowds or disciples asking what it is. There seems to be … Read More

Jealous for my Jealousy: Phineas and the Intolerant Love of God (Matthew Barrett)

April 9, 2018Matthew Barrett

In his recent sermon at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Matthew Barrett addressed an often neglected subject, the jealousy of God. From Numbers 25, Dr. Barrett explained that God’s jealousy for His glory is both loving and guarantees our redemption through Christ. Matthew Barrett is Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well … Read More

The Core of the Gospel: A Resolution on Penal Substitutionary Atonement (Owen Strachan)

April 6, 2018Magazine-The Glory of the Atonement

At the 2017 Southern Baptist Annual Meeting,  a resolution was affirmed on Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement making up the core of the Christian gospel. Dr. Owen Strachan, Director of the Center for Public Theology and Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote on the importance of the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement … Read More

Getting the God of the Cross Right…And Very Wrong: A Response to Fleming Rutledge (Stephen J. Wellum)

April 5, 2018Magazine-The Glory of the Atonement

Fleming Rutledge’s book on the cross, The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ (Eerdmans, 2015), received a favorable review from notable voices inside and outside evangelicalism. In fact, it was Christianity Today’s 2017 Book of the Year.  In the newest issue of Credo Magazine, “The Glory of the Atonement,” Dr. Stephen Wellum responded to Rutledge’s volume, … Read More

The Day of Atonement (Michael Morales)

March 30, 2018Magazine-Atonement

Credo Magazine’s newest issue has arrived: “The Glory of the Atonement.” As we reflect on and rejoice in the cross of Christ this Good Friday, we want to highlight Michael Morales’ article on “The Day of Atonement.” Michael Morales is Professor of Old Testament at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, South Carolina. He is the author … Read More

Principles for Preaching on Easter

March 28, 2018Preaching

Every time a minister ascends the pulpit to expound and apply God’s Word it is important. But this Sunday—Easter Sunday—is especially important. It is one of the highest attended Sundays of the year. Christians, non-Christians, and nominal Christians alike will be present in churches all across America and beyond. This means pastors have a unique … Read More

Justification and Assurance According to John Calvin

March 22, 2018Thomas Schreiner

Justification by Faith Alone Calvin, like Luther, stresses that justification is by faith alone. A right relationship to God can’t be gained by works since all people sin, thus the only pathway to salvation is faith. Calvin is careful to say, however, that faith shouldn’t be construed as a work, as if faith itself justifies us, for … Read More

Is God unfair? The Logic of Grace

March 16, 2018Judgment

There are very few passages I’ve taught that have generated quite as much heat as The Parable of the Day Laborers in Matthew 20:1-16. The first time I ever taught this passage in church, I had just finished one of my first major projects fresh out of the MBA program. I had spent several months … Read More