Consider and Imitate: Why Should We Celebrate the Reformation Today?

November 4, 2011Luke Stamps, Reformation, Reformers

By Luke Stamps – The Credo blog has been host this week to some insightful reflections on the Reformation.  So, perhaps these commentaries, historical analyses, sermons, and interviews could stand alone in answer to the question, “Why should we celebrate the Reformation today?”  The edifying nature of these historical reflections is self-evident.  But perhaps it … Read More

The Reformation’s Recovery of the Gospel

November 4, 2011Gospel, Reformation, Todd Miles

By Todd Miles – Growing up, I knew almost nothing about the Reformation. I had a vague awareness of something that some people somewhere in the church celebrated about the same time of year that I was obsessing over Halloween costumes. I had little concern to learn more, being content to let others do the … Read More

This Week’s Book Notes

November 4, 2011Book Notes, Matthew Barrett

Jesus + Nothing = Everything. By Tullian Tchividjian. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2011. Recently I read an interview with Tullian Tchividjian in Leadership Journal  where Tullian retold the story of one of the most difficult periods in his life when their was an uprising in his church against him as a pastor. I recommend the interview … Read More

Graham Cole and Herman Selderhuis (Audio)

November 3, 2011Prayer, Reformation, Scripture

If you were not able to attend the Reformation Spirituality conference at Beeson Divinity Schook, you are in luck. Not only have we posted the video of Timothy George’s message, “Captive to the Word,” but we also now have two audios: “Bible Reading and Hearing through the Work and Ministry of Thomas Cranmer” by Graham … Read More

Timothy George: “Captive to the Word” (Video)

November 2, 2011Reformation, Roman Catholic Church, Salvation, Scripture, Solas of the Reformation

Earlier today we posted the manuscript from Gerald Bray’s message, “Prayer in the Reformation,” at the Reformation Spirituality Conference at Beeson Divinity School. As promised, Credo is pleased to post the video from Timothy George’s message, “Captive to the Word.” George’s message draws our attention to the role of God’s Word in the reformation of … Read More

Prayer in the Reformation

November 2, 2011Reformation, Reformers

Today is the first day of the Reformation Spirituality Conference at Beeson Divinity School. Credo is pleased to release Gerald Bray’s message, “Prayer in the Reformation.” Gerald Bray (M.Litt., D.Litt., University of Paris-Sorbonne) taught full-time at Beeson Divinity School in the areas of church history, historical theology, and Latin from 1993 to 2006. In 2006, … Read More

Five Christian Mottos from the Reformation (Ardel Caneday)

November 2, 2011Ardel Caneday, Reformation, Salvation, Solas of the Reformation

Deriving from the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century five Latin phrases— sola scripture, sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria—have summarized the principal Christian teachings that the Reformers proclaimed in their endeavors to bring reform to the church. What do these five Latin phrases mean? Sola Scriptura (“by Scripture alone”) The … Read More

After Crossing the Tiber

November 2, 2011Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholicism

By Chris Castaldo   Usually, when I describe my life, I do so by comparing myself to Mr. Magoo. You remember Magoo: thick bifocals walking through town on the verge of some catastrophe. A piano falls from a window and misses him by an inch. In each instance, Magoo is led by a seemingly transcendent … Read More

Two Announcements

November 1, 2011Announcement

We have two announcements to make. First, one of our weekly bloggers and contributors, A. B. Caneday, has been invited by Janet Mefferd to speak on the Salem Radio Network about his recent articles for Credo on forgiveness! The interview will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2, from 2:00 to 2:30 PM (EST). If you … Read More

How Many Reformations Were There?

November 1, 2011Reformation, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholicism

By Nathan A. Finn Until about a generation ago, it was common for church historians to advance radically different interpretations of the Reformation, depending upon whether or not the scholar was a Protestant or a Catholic. Protestants tended to see the Reformation as a recovery of a purer gospel and other biblical priorities, all of … Read More

My Conversion from Catholicism

November 1, 2011Gospel, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholicism

By Chris Castaldo I loved Catholicism. I loved the grandeur of the sanctuary with its carved wood, arched windows, and stained glass. I loved the deep, resonate amalgam of voices confessing the Nicene Creed and the honesty and humility expressed in the kyrie: “Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy.” I loved memories … Read More

Interview with Michael Reeves on the Reformation

October 31, 2011Martin Luther, Medieval Theologians, Middle Ages, Reformation, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholicism

 Interview by Matthew Barrett For Reformation Day we are pleased to have Michael Reeves join us to talk about the importance of the Reformation. Michael is author of Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation (B&H). He is also theological advisor for Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), a charity supporting evangelism in higher … Read More

What Is the Gospel? A Reformed Orthodox Perspective

October 28, 2011Christology, Gospel, Luke Stamps, Reformed

By Luke Stamps I suppose it’s safe to say that there has been a revival of interest in all things “gospel” among evangelicals in the last several years.  Evangelical churches, organizations, conferences, blogs, sermons, ministries, and writings are as likely to feature the language of “gospel” as any other biblical theme.  And with good reason.  … Read More

Reformation Week!

October 27, 2011Reformation

As many of you may know, this Sunday is Reformation Sunday in light of Monday, October 31st, being Reformation Day. Starting tomorrow through the rest of next week, the Credo blog will focus each post on the Reformation. We hope by the end of the week you will have a better understanding and love for … Read More

A Compromising Tolerance: Revelation 2:18-29

October 27, 2011Doctrine, Thomas Schreiner, Truth

By Thomas Schreiner It has often been pointed out that the church at Thyatira has the opposite problem of the church at Ephesus. The church at Ephesus was doctrinally pure but had abandoned its first love. The church at Thyatira was growing in many ways, but it had sacrificed doctrinal purity. G. K. Chesterton rightly … Read More

How Difficult is it to Interpret OT Prophetic Literature?

October 27, 2011Magazine Article-The Living Word-Oct 2011, Prophetic Literature

On a scale from 1 to 10, how difficult is it to interpret OT prophetic literature? James Hamilton, Walter Kaiser, Daniel Hays, Peter Gentry, and David Talley all give their answer in the October issue of Credo Magazine! Their answers may surprise you! [issuu width=420 height=231 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111004125903-7a9245a15ca1450ba2e83e5f97a58fd5 name=the_living_word-oct_2011 username=credomagazine tag=evangelicals unit=px id=a9f431c1-edfa-8fbd-5a02-49600bf61ac9 v=2] To … Read More

What is Heresy? Just Shut Up!

October 27, 2011Comic Relief, Middle Ages

By Marc Cortez Blank, white space. Just staring at me. Mocking me. Daring me to write what I really think. I know perfectly well what I’m supposed to write. I paid attention in class and studied hard for the test. More importantly, I know how this prof works. He’s not looking for anything creative, interesting, … Read More

Pelagius, really?

October 26, 2011Heresy, Matthew Barrett, Pelagianism

By Matthew Barrett How do you know when a church moves from being a less than healthy church, but nonetheless still a true church, to being a false church altogether? There are perhaps many ways to detect whether a church has become a false church (a rejection of the gospel should be at the top … Read More

Effectual Call

October 26, 2011Calvinism, Effectual Calling, Paul Helm, Regeneration

By Paul Helm I’m beginning to think that effectual calling is one key biblical idea that is frequently misunderstood, as much among its supporters as its detractors. This state of affairs only leads to nervousness on the one side, and to caricature and misrepresentation on the other. Reformed theology has the Scriptural resources to meet … Read More