You Saw It On Credo: Michael Horton and Apologetics

January 20, 2014Apologetics, Jeremy Kimble, Media

Michael Horton, Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary California, recently sat down and answered five of the most common apologetics questions people get when they share their faith with their friends and family. These are excellent, succinct resources to know and share what you believe and why you believe it.     … Read More

Is the Bible corrupted? (Adnan Rashid vs. James White)

July 12, 2013Apologetics, Scripture

The following debate, which took place in September of 2012, is between Adnan Rashid and  James White on the question: Is the Bible Corrupted? In the future, a second debate will be released as well. Here is how the website The Big Debates describes each side: “Adnan Rashid argued that the New Testament, in it … Read More

The Christian Distinctive

January 17, 2013Apologetics, Fred Zaspel

By Fred Zaspel– What distinguishes Christianity from all other religions is that it is a revealed religion. Christianity is not about our search for God or our means of finding him. Christianity is not a religion that works its way upward. It is all about God coming to us — God in grace making himself … Read More

C. S. Lewis and Science

October 24, 2012Apologetics, C. S. Lewis, Evolution

West, John, ed. The Magician’s Twin: C. S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society. Seattle: Discovery Institute Press, 2012. Review by Richard Weikart— Did C. S. Lewis believe in evolution or was he a skeptic of Darwinism?  Was Lewis anti-scientific, as some of his contemporaries alleged?  Why was Lewis so disturbed by the threat of … Read More

Hitler, God, and the Bible

April 23, 2012Apologetics, Reviews

Comfort, Ray. Hitler, God, and the Bible. Washington, D.C.: WND Books, 2012. $25.95. Reviewed by Joseph Keysor “Nazi Germany was a Christian country.  The churches supported Hitler. Hitler supported the churches. Hitler emerged from the religious right and opposed abortion, homosexuality, and pornography.” These and other charges are more common and effective than many Christians … Read More

Warfield and the Dutch

April 13, 2012Apologetics, B. B. Warfield, Paul Helm

By Paul Helm– One of the matters stressed in the writings of Paul Helseth and David P. Smith on Princeton theology, and especially (in Smith’s case) on Warfield, is the Princetonians conviction that sin affects not only the affections and the will, but the understanding as well. (Paul Kjoss Helseth, “Right Reason” and the Princeton … Read More