Bound for the Promised Land: An Interview with Oren Martin

July 6, 2015Biblical Theology, Covenants, Interviews, Kingdom, Matthew Claridge, NT Use of the OT, Old Testament Studies, Redemptive History, Theological Method, Typology

If the political fight over the land of Israel weren’t bad enough, the role of the Promised Land in Scripture has often divided American Evangelicals. Are the Land Promises–so prominent in the Old Testament covenants and deeply embedded in the future hopes of the prophetic literature–simply allegorized in the NT church’s gospel mission or do … Read More

Tragically Beautiful Love (Chris Marley)

February 19, 2015Biblical Theology, Church, Ecclesiology, Marriage, Old Testament Studies

The narrative of creation and fall in Genesis, depending on with whom you speak, is beloved or hated, mysterious, absolute or debatable, unquestionable, or a mixture thereof. Unfortunately in the fervor of the issues, especially regarding the historicity of the account, the bridal analogy is often overlooked. My purpose in previous articles (such as Bridefall, … Read More

The Heavenly Temple (Fred Zaspel)

September 25, 2013Biblical Theology, Fred Zaspel

Among the many fruits of “Biblical Theology” in recent decades is the now common understanding of Eden as God’s earthly temple — a theme that traces through to the end of Revelation where this temple, so long removed and ruined by human sin, will in the end finally be restored in a redeemed cosmos. The … Read More

That Old Serpent (Fred Zaspel)

September 19, 2013Biblical Theology, Fred Zaspel, Old Testament Studies

Satan’s temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden is a piece of history that is basic to the Bible’s story-line and fundamental to Christian theology. In Genesis 3 Satan deceived the woman, Adam followed (cf. 1Tim.2:14), and all humanity was plunged into sin (cf. Rom.5:12). And among the results of this evil encounter is … Read More