Supporting Your Lead Pastor

May 7, 2018Church

One of the images used in the New Testament to describe the role of an elder is shepherd. The elder is to “shepherd the flock of God” willingly, eagerly, and faithfully (1 Peter 5:1-4). In response to this leadership, the flock is challenged to “submit yourselves to your elders” (vs. 5). The shepherd leads the … Read More

Tragically Beautiful Love (Chris Marley)

February 19, 2015Biblical Theology, Church, Ecclesiology, Marriage, Old Testament Studies

The narrative of creation and fall in Genesis, depending on with whom you speak, is beloved or hated, mysterious, absolute or debatable, unquestionable, or a mixture thereof. Unfortunately in the fervor of the issues, especially regarding the historicity of the account, the bridal analogy is often overlooked. My purpose in previous articles (such as Bridefall, … Read More

The Church as the Theatre of God’s Glory

October 20, 2014Church, Jeremy Kimble, John Calvin

I love the church and love thinking about not just her function, but also the nature that undergirds those functions. Mark Dever has made known the wonderful idea, “The church is the gospel made visible.” While this is a brief quote from John Calvin, I love how he captures this idea for the church existing … Read More

Worship By Means of Confession

July 8, 2014Church, Jeremy Kimble, Worship

This summer our church is doing a preaching series on the doctrine of the church. We are discussing a variety of aspects, and one facet we will discuss is the worship of the church. Most often, when people conceive of the idea of worship, they picture instruments, choirs, and hearty singing by the congregation. This … Read More

Jeramie Rinne on Church Elders (Interview by Matthew Claridge)

April 24, 2014Church, Ecclesiology, Interviews, Matthew Claridge, Pastoral Ministry

The resurgence of interest in church polity is something that has taken many by surprise. Organizations like 9Marks churn out book after book, podcast after podcast, and article after article on this topic with gusto and, apparently, an eager public. Frankly, I count myself among those hungry for more. 9Mark’s success in an area usually … Read More

Do Not Forsake Assembling Together

April 15, 2014Church, Jeremy Kimble, John Owen

It seems that in today’s technological and fast-paced age, the church assembled is still a reality, but not the priority it was in previous days. The author Hebrews clearly instructs believers to exhort one another day after day, and not to forsake assembling as biblical communities, so that we will not be hardened by the … Read More

Review: Against the Church (Matt Claridge)

April 3, 2014Baptism, Baptists, Church, Covenants, Ecclesiology, Effectual Calling, Election, Lord's Supper, Matthew Claridge, Regeneration, Reviews

Provocative as always, the title of Wilson’ newest book, Against the Church, immediately caught my eye. I was further intrigued as I read the back cover description, “Wilson takes a hammer to some of our very favorite graven images, and we’ve set up display cases for them in our churches: Liturgy, Tradition, Systematics, Infant Baptism, … Read More