Personal Canon of Creeds and Confessions

January 20, 2012Creeds and Confessions, Matthew Barrett

By Matthew Barrett – Luke Stamps wrote a helpful post earlier this week called “Who Reads Must Choose: Developing a Personal Canon of Theologians.” In that post he highlighted the importance of reading the most important theologians in church history and developing a “personal canon” to follow throughout the year. Today I would like to … Read More

Doctrine vs. Jesus?

December 26, 2011Creeds and Confessions, Doctrine, Fred Zaspel

By Fred G. Zaspel – I’ve heard the song only a couple of times now, and so I can’t quote it exactly. But it’s message goes something like this: it’s not our interpretations that matter, it’s not our firmly held positions, it’s not the doctrinal points we argue over — “It’s still the cross!” The … Read More

On Owning a Confession of Faith

September 24, 2011Creeds and Confessions, Nathan Finn

By Nathan Finn Baptists have always been a confessional people. John Smyth and Thomas Helwys, the founders of the General Baptist movement, each wrote personal confessions of faith that provide us with a glimpse into their convictions and probably the convictions of their churches. Seven Particular Baptist Churches in London adopted the First London Confession … Read More