On Helm’s Review of Oliphint (Nate Shannon)

March 20, 2014Doctrine of God

Editor’s note: On the Credo Magazine blog we like to have a mix of lay-level posts as well as more advanced academic posts. We also like to have good interaction and thoughtful debate between thinkers. Paul Helm recently wrote a piece called, “Eternal God and God in Time,” in which he gave a critique of … Read More

Eternal God and God in time (Paul Helm)

March 10, 2014Doctrine of God, Paul Helm

In some of my previous posts I have pointed out the strong tendency to think of God “dualistically.” In the work of Rob Lister, for example, God is both impassible and impassioned. This builds on what Bruce Ware says of God, that we must understand God’s relation to time as comprising both his atemporal existence … Read More

God, both Impassible and Impassioned (Paul Helm)

September 3, 2013Doctrine of God, Paul Helm

We saw in the earlier post that Rob Lister in his newly-published God is Impassible and Impassioned: Towards a Theology of Divine Emotion (Crossway/Apollos), adopts a “duality model” of the divine nature and activities. God apart from creation is timelessly eternal, but upon creating the universe he “enters” our universe and becomes temporal, in the … Read More