The Final Day (A Poem by Ben Askins)

February 2, 2015Gospel, Poetry

 We know that in that final day… You will either burn up or burn bright. Repent and reflect Or recoil and reject Your only hope. Your only hope. If given enough rope Would you hang or would you swing Would you bow before the King Of all the earth and kiss the Son Whose wrath … Read More

The Gospel as Fulfillment of the Old Testament

June 9, 2014Gospel, Jeremy Kimble

Pondering once again the words of Carl F. H. Henry, we see a number of places where he teases out the implications of the atoning work of Christ. In one section of God, Revelation, and Authority, Henry sets his attention on the work of the suffering servant as seen in Isaiah 53. From this and other … Read More

The Simplicity and Essential Nature of the Gospel

June 2, 2014Gospel, Jeremy Kimble

Recently I have been enjoying some lectures dedicated to the life, theology, and impact of Carl F.H. Henry (you can find these here and here). It is amazing to hear of this prominent twentieth-century theologian and note what kind of influence he had over such a vast array of organizations. It seems in our day … Read More

You Saw It On Credo: Paul Tripp and the Gospel

February 17, 2014Gospel, Jeremy Kimble, Media

The Desiring God Pastor’s Conference took place recently with a multitude of wonderful talks about union with Christ and other related topics (more videos to come in the coming weeks). The two talks posted here come from Paul Tripp in a pre-conference setting where he addressed preaching the gospel to yourself and living the gospel … Read More

The Desperate Everyday Need For Christ

January 21, 2014Gospel, Jeremy Kimble, Sanctification

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, is always a helpful companion when thinking through various aspects of the Christian life (an excellent biography of Lloyd-Jones can be found here). He often highlights our desperate state in the clutches of sin, and the need we have of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here Lloyd-Jones is dealing with the issue of … Read More

Fit to Burst: An interview with Rachel Jankovic

December 17, 2013Gospel, Interviews

As a mother of six children (two of them twins), author Rachel Jakovic has much wisdom to offer her fellow moms. But it isn’t the commiserating stories or funny anecdotes that draw women to her books—its the down to earth, theologically deep, biblical encouragement she offers them. Recently, I (Jessalyn Hutto) had the privilege of … Read More

John Piper shares the gospel in 6 minutes

December 6, 2013Gospel

Can you explain the gospel? Should an unbeliever ask, could you tell them the gospel in just a couple of minutes? Here is an example on how to do just that from John Piper.