An Interview with Haykin and Robinson on Calvin’s Missiology

February 27, 2015Calvinism, Doctrines of Grace, Evangelism, Interviews, John Calvin, Matthew Claridge, Missions, Uncategorized

The difference between a mixture and a solution is that in the former two elements are mixed together but never joined in a complimentary way that produces a new chemical state. For some, the combination of Calvinism and missions can at best only be a mixed up arrangement. But in their recent book To the … Read More

Not Only Public, But Private Ministry

November 10, 2014Jeremy Kimble, John Calvin, Pastoral Ministry

As previously posted, the next several quotes will center on the need for a specific shepherding ministry in the church. The Reformation example of pastoral ministry includes not only rich doctrine and robust preaching, but also deep, practical pastoral care for every member of the church. Commenting on Acts 20:20 where Paul says he taught the Ephesians “both … Read More

The Pastor as Father

November 3, 2014Ecclesiology, Jeremy Kimble, John Calvin, Pastoral Ministry

Over the next several weeks I want to bring to mind some quotes from various pastor/theologians regarding the issue of oversight and shepherding. When one considers the weightiness of a calling like Hebrews 13:17, wherein pastors are told that they will give an account of the way in which they kept watch over the souls … Read More

The Church as the Theatre of God’s Glory

October 20, 2014Church, Jeremy Kimble, John Calvin

I love the church and love thinking about not just her function, but also the nature that undergirds those functions. Mark Dever has made known the wonderful idea, “The church is the gospel made visible.” While this is a brief quote from John Calvin, I love how he captures this idea for the church existing … Read More

Calvin’s Company of Pastors: An interivew with Scott Manetsch

December 11, 2013Church History, Ecclesiology, Interviews, John Calvin, Matthew Claridge, Pastoral Ministry

Many things come to mind when you think of John Calvin. Is pastoral care among them?  To bring that contribution closer to the top of our first thoughts, let me introduce you to Scott Manetsch’s fine new book, Calvin’s Company of Pastors: Pastoral Care and the Emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609 (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology). Dr. … Read More

Calvin’s Two Liberties (Paul Helm)

November 4, 2013Church, John Calvin, Paul Helm

An observant reader of John Calvin’s Institutes will have noticed that the Reformer discusses the interesting and important question of Christian liberty in two places. The first is in Chapter 19 of Book III, appropriately entitled ‘Of Christian Liberty’, where he is dealing with soteriology and is at this point concerned with the consequences of … Read More

John Calvin and rebellion against the government

July 4, 2013John Calvin, Paul Helm

I’ve heard it said that John Calvin was not in favor of rebellion against the government, and that it was John Locke to whom would-be rebels looked to justify Christian rebellion, as we might call it. For a recent example of this view see here.  But I think the matter is a bit more complicated than … Read More

Calvin on the Temporary Christian

February 15, 2013Assurance, Calvinism, John Calvin, Paul Helm, Perseverance

Paul Helm– Calvin’s treatment of faith, permanent and temporary, has features that make it strikingly similar to Augustine’s discussion of perseverance. So it is interesting that though he quotes Augustine many times in connection with God’s imparting of his grace he does not refer to him explicitly on perseverance in the Institutes. Though it seems … Read More