Bound for the Promised Land: An Interview with Oren Martin

July 6, 2015Biblical Theology, Covenants, Interviews, Kingdom, Matthew Claridge, NT Use of the OT, Old Testament Studies, Redemptive History, Theological Method, Typology

If the political fight over the land of Israel weren’t bad enough, the role of the Promised Land in Scripture has often divided American Evangelicals. Are the Land Promises–so prominent in the Old Testament covenants and deeply embedded in the future hopes of the prophetic literature–simply allegorized in the NT church’s gospel mission or do … Read More

Islam, Christianity, and Redemption History

March 23, 2012Apologetics, Missions, Redemptive History

By Matthew Claridge– [photo source] Islam claims to be the final revelation of God to men, superceding all previous revelation. But its polemic does not stop there; it also claims to be the only pure revelation of God to men. This further assertion, of course, serves a particularly effective if not somewhat self-serving end. Islam … Read More

The Grace of Place in Redemptive History

September 24, 2011Redemptive History, Todd Miles

By Todd Miles I love living in America in the 21st century. The list of reasons runs from the profound to the banal and includes such things as automobiles, internet, supermarkets (and convenience stores), golf courses, little-league baseball, communication technology, ice cream, and not dying from infection if I accidentally cut myself or catch a … Read More