Reformation Worship: An Interview on Liturgies from the Past for the Present (Part 1)

April 12, 2018Reformation, Worship

Church history teaches the present how to move into the future through its instruction from the past. Reformation Worship, edited by Jonathan Gibson and Mark Earngey, brings forth such instruction on the topic of worship from the era of the Reformation. Containing 26 liturgies from sixteenth-century Reformers, Reformation Worship stands as “a worship resource of almost unparalleled richness,” … Read More

Balancing Sola Scriptura and Catholic Trinitarianism (Matthew Barrett)

December 28, 2017Matthew Barrett, Reformation

This past Fall I had the privilege of contributing to the Midwestern Journal of Theology, a publication of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I am Associate Professor of Christian Theology. In the latest issue, “The Reformation and Related Controversies,” a host of outstanding contributors participate, including Octavio Esqueda, Thomas Johnston, Michael Haykin, Alan Thompson, Jason … Read More

Going to church with Martin (Paul Helm)

November 10, 2017Martin Luther, Paul Helm, Reformation

I came across this passage from Luther’s Bondage of the Will not long ago: So it is not irreligious, idle, or superfluous, but in the highest degree  wholesome and necessary, for a Christian to know whether or not his will has anything to do in matters  pertaining to salvation. `Indeed, let me tell you, this … Read More

5 solas for another 500 years

October 31, 2017Matthew Barrett, Reformation

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and nothing was so central to that Reformation than the 5 solas. It is our prayer that these solas will prepare us, and the generations to follow us, for another 500 years. To equip you for what lies ahead, get your hands on 5 books that will … Read More