Reformation and Rediscovery: An Interview with Herman J. Selderhuis

October 29, 2012Church History, Interviews, Reformation

Reformation Day is almost upon us. Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday we will focus each blog post around Reformation history. Today on Credo we welcome Herman Selderhuis. Selderhuis is professor of Church History at the Theological University Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) and director of Refo500, the international platform of institutions and activities related to the jubilee of the … Read More

Remembering Another Reformation Figure: Gustavus Adolphus

September 25, 2012Michael Haykin, Reformation

By Michael A. G. Haykin– As any student of the Reformation knows, this powerful gale of spiritual life that blew across western Europe had a major impact on the political realm. In the Scandinavian kingdom of Sweden and its dependency, Finland, for instance, the Reformation occurred against a background of considerable political and social upheaval. … Read More

Martin Luther on Predestination (Timothy George)

June 11, 2012Magazine-Chosen by Grace-May 2012, Martin Luther, Pelagianism, Predestination, Reformation, Reformers

In the May issue of Credo Magazine, “Chosen by Grace,” Timothy George has contributed a powerful article called, “Let God Be God: Martin Luther on Predestination.” First, however, a word about the author. Timothy George has been the dean of Beeson Divinity School since its inception in 1988. As founding dean, George has been instrumental … Read More

Evangelical Free Will

May 15, 2012Matthew Barrett, Reformation, Reviews

In the recent issue of the Sixteenth Century Journal (XLIII, no. 1; Spring 2012), Credo blogger and executive editor Matthew Barrett contributed a book review of Evangelical Free Will: Philipp Melanchthon’s Journey on the Origins of Faith, by Gregory Graybill. Here is one of Barrett’s concluding paragraphs: Graybill’s treatment of Melanchthon is impressive not just for … Read More

Bruce Ware on Evangelicalism (Video Interview)

March 26, 2012Evangelism, Gospel, Inerrancy, Interviews, Justification, Matthew Barrett, Open Theism, Reformation, Reformed, Reformers, Salvation

Last fall I (Matthew Barrett) had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Bruce Ware, Professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, to talk about evangelicalism–past, present, and future. Ware is a former president of the Evangelical Theological Society and he provides much insight on the current state of evangelicalism. In this … Read More

Two Resources: Timothy George and J. I. Packer

January 24, 2012Reformation, Reformers, Theology

Today we would like to highlight two free resources that are just “must haves” for every Christian. First, J. I. Packer’s famous book, Knowing God, has been made available as an audio, free to download during the month of January. Second, has now made available the audios to Timothy’s George’s lectures on Reformation Theology. … Read More

Two Lectures by Michael A.G. Haykin

January 20, 2012Michael Haykin, Reformation, Reformers

Today we would like to highlight two recent lectures by Michael A.G. Haykin. The first is Haykin’s Reformation Day Lecture (MP3) at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (January 20, 2011 Chapel Service). The second is Haykin’s message “The Word Did Everything” (MP3), given November 9, 2008 (presented at a Reformation Festival Service). Michael A. G. Haykin … Read More

The Evangelistic Nerve of John Calvin

January 19, 2012Calvinism, Evangelism, Inclusivism, John Calvin, Magazine Article-In Christ Alone-Jan 2012, Reformation, Reformed, Reformers

By Jeff Robinson – What does the theology of John Hick and John Calvin have in common? Much, if some voices within popular evangelicalism are to be believed. Hick, of course, is a well-known inclusivist and Calvin is one of the heroes of the Reformation. Theologically, the two seem to be polar opposites, but it … Read More