What is Regeneration? (Matthew Barrett)

December 4, 2013Book Notes, Matthew Barrett, Salvation

Matthew Barrett, founder and executive editor of Credo Magazine, has contributed a new book to the P&R series, Basics of the Faith, called What Is Regeneration? About the book: Many people believe they can initiate their salvation, either through choosing to believe or on their own merits. Yet the Bible is clear that we can’t … Read More

Reclaiming Monergism – by Matthew Barrett

November 4, 2013Book Notes, Matthew Barrett, Salvation

Earlier this fall Salvation by Grace: The Case for Effectual Calling and Regeneration, by Matthew Barrett, executive editor of Credo Magazine, hit the shelves. The discerning reader may have noticed, however, that Salvation by Grace is an abridged version of Barrett’s dissertation. For those of you who want to dig deeper, Barrett’s unabridged dissertation has … Read More

Jesus Christ My Savior (Fred Zaspel)

October 10, 2013Fred Zaspel, Salvation

Ask you what inflames my soul, What consumes my passion whole? What inspires my longing heart? Who alone can zeal impart? Jesus Christ, my savior!   Who can take my load of sin? Who can make me pure within? Who can bear the dreadful curse, Pay the price for sins perverse? Jesus Christ, my savior! … Read More

A Savior, who is Christ the Lord

December 23, 2012Christmas, Christology, Matthew Barrett, Salvation

By Matthew Barrett–   My two little girls are excited about Christmas, very excited. Christmas is truly overwhelming for them. Grandma is coming into town, along with uncles and aunts. There are presents under the tree just waiting to be opened. Mom seems to be an endless source of baked goods. And Dad even cut … Read More