Three Reasons to Include a Concise Summary of the Gospel in Every Sermon

March 2, 2018Timothy Raymond

Among conservative evangelicals, there’s a longstanding, friendly debate over whether or not every sermon should include a concise summary of the gospel message.  By this I’m not talking about the use of a gospel-centered hermeneutic which connects every passage of Scripture to the person and work of Jesus, say, the approach to Bible interpretation taught by Graeme Goldsworthy or Edmund … Read More

How to Love Visiting Church Members in the Hospital

January 5, 2018Timothy Raymond

I can honestly say that I’ve grown to love visiting my church members when they’re staying in the hospital.  I’m surprised to hear myself say that, since there was a time when I positively despised hospital visitation.  I’m a rather shy guy by nature who has a tendency to be awkward around people I don’t … Read More

Neglected Goldmines: The Collected Essays of Alan Stibbs

March 27, 2017Reviews, Timothy Raymond

Over the years the Lord has allowed me to discover several incredible books that I do not believe have received the attention they deserve.  These are books that are potentially mind-blowing, life-transforming, and ministry-shaping, but for whatever reason have been figuratively (or literally) collecting dust in the shadows for years.  To help remedy this, I … Read More

Seven Recommended Books on Preaching

February 15, 2017Timothy Raymond

Recently, God gave me grace to preach my 500th sermon as the pastor of my church.  In light of this, I thought I might briefly point you to seven books on preaching I heartily recommend.  Listed in order of ascending commendation, here’s the countdown along with a brief word about each: Expositional Preaching: How We … Read More

Are you a leader? Interview with Timothy Raymond

November 14, 2016Interviews, Timothy Raymond

Recently a friend interviewed me for a paper he was writing on the topic of leadership.  The interview wasn’t specifically on Christian leadership, but since I’m a pastor, the interview unavoidably went in the direction of pastoral and local church leadership.  After reading over the complied questions and answers, I thought our Credo readers might … Read More

Reflections on Fallen Pastors (Timothy Raymond)

April 19, 2016Timothy Raymond

Well, it’s happened again. Another prominent, megachurch-leading, conference-speaking, book-authoring, Young-Restless-Reformed pastor has sinned in some grievous way and disqualified himself, at least temporarily, from pastoral ministry.  I won’t recount the unfortunate details here, but if you’re the sort who regularly reads something like Christianity Today, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  If memory serves … Read More