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Never Trumpers Still?

The question has perceptively been asked, “If you never change your mind, why have one?” I thought of that recently as I considered how many “Never Trumpers” have, in fact, been won over and are now committed to vote for him. Several factors account for this change of mind, I’m sure, but here are a few as I understand them.

1) Trump has kept his campaign promises. This may not be entirely unprecedented, but it does strike most as surprisingly impressive. And those who thought that his reputed infidelities rendered him untrustworthy have been obliged to reconsider that particular line of argument. Moreover, the promises he made were largely really good…which leads to the second factor:

2) Trump has proven to be positively conservative. Whatever there is about him that may be annoying or embarrassing or even repulsive, his policies have largely been good old-fashioned Americana and have already brought significant and positive results. The many jobs lost under President Obama, which he asserted would never return to the US, are coming back after all. The stagnant if not suppressed economy that President Obama admonished Americans to accept as the “new normal” has noticeably and measurably bounced back under the guidance and deregulation of the Trump Administration. In brief, the economy Obama said could no longer happen is here. Who can honestly deny the economic progress, the regained energy independence, the lifting of punishing restrictions on business, the increase of job availability, the reduction of needed welfare, the decrease of joblessness among minorities, the increased income of the poor and middle classes? The numbers are telling. And what conservative could do anything but applaud Trump’s judicial appointments? We don’t have to argue infallibility to acknowledge that in the main, at least, Trump’s agenda has proven conservative and positive. As I have argued previously, voting for good public policy just cannot be a bad idea.

3) The Trump presidency has exposed just how corrupt the left truly is and has confirmed that “deep state” really does exist. Previously, the very suggestion of this brought only scorned ridicule of deluded “conspiracy theories”–but there it is.

4) Who else but Donald Trump would challenge and expose this corruption so? Trump was not my choice in the primaries, but I have to say that I think he has proven better on this score than any of the others would have. Even those who very strongly disapprove of this or that about Trump should be willing to say with Victor Hanson and Doug Wilson that if Trump is not good nourishment for a healthy nation, he is at least the needed chemotherapy for a cancerous nation. There is something about his “unlikableness” that has made him more determined and effective than others at exposing and combating this corruption.

5) The Trump presidency has exposed the extreme radicalism and blatant evil of the left. Since his election the left has let its mask slip away, revealing its true vile colors–its violent hatred of all that is traditional Americana, its religious-like zeal to promote such things as abortion, infanticide, homosexuality, and transgenderism, its sheer hatred for all things Christian, its relentless attempt to vilify traditional values, quell their opponents’ freedom of speech, and subject all of society to its immoral and oppressive regime (have I overstated anything here?) has made many come to grips with the reality that in our two party system throwing away a vote for a theoretically “better” candidate will only help the left succeed in its evil agenda – accepting this as a more righteous alternative is becoming increasingly difficult.

For these reasons at least, and no doubt more, many “Never Trumpers” have become Trump supporters. The reasons, I think, are sound.

*Editor’s note: This is the second of two posts from Fred Zaspel. See the first one here.

Fred Zaspel

Fred Zaspel (PhD, Free University of Amsterdam) is one of the pastors at Reformed Baptist Church in Franconia, PA. He is also the executive editor of Books At a Glance and adjunct professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of several books including The Theology of B. B. Warfield and Warfield on the Christian Life.

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