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Principal of Oak Hill Theological College

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The Rev'd Michael Ovey (PhD, MTh, MA, BCL, BA) was Principal and Lecturer in Doctrine, Apologetics & Liturgy at Oak Hill Theological College in London.

Mike believed that the more we know the truth about God, his grace and greatness, the more we love and trust him. His vision was for students at Oak Hill to grow in knowledge and loving trust in this God.

Before coming to Oak Hill, Mike was a civil service lawyer drafting government legislation. He trained at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and worked as a curate for four years at All Saints, Crowborough, before teaching for three years at Moore Theological College, Sydney. He joined Oak Hill in 1998 and since then has finished a PhD in the field of Trinitarian theology.

He was married to Heather, and they have three children. He remained incurably optimistic about the prospects of Arsenal FC and the England rugby team, solace being provided by the works of PG Wodehouse.

This page is dedicated to the writings and lectures of Mike Ovey.

“Theological education matters because of the place it has in God’s will for his people. God has given gifts of ministers to his people for their blessing and for their good. We sometimes think the gift is the ministry to the minister, but that’s not how God puts it in Ephesians 4. There we are told that the Lord Jesus Christ gives gifts of ministers to his people, so that they can be built up in the unity of the faith; so that they can be protected from false teaching in its various forms. …That’s where theological education fits in. And that’s why it must be deep, it must be broad, and it must help them be the best possible gift they can be.” -Mike Ovey


D. A. Carson:

“Mike Ovey was equally at home talking about such Fathers as Hilary of Poitiers and Athansius of Alexandria, and tracing the intricacies of current debates on justification. He was at home in the councils of the great and the learned, and with first-year students. He commanded the attention of all who attended the 2013 GAFCON conference, and could speak engagingly in a small church in England. His theological home was the confessional Anglicanism in which he had been nurtured, but he was brother and friend to all who upheld and proclaimed the gospel in any nation and in any culture. He poured over theological tomes, and College budgets. All of this is a way of saying he was an extraordinary Christian academic, leader, and pastor, with gifts and graces that made him much more rounded and capable than most. But no less important were the times when he was ill-used by those who should have known better, and consciously rejected the way of bitterness and malice, chose the way of trust in the sovereign goodness of his heavenly Father, choosing to follow his Saviour in the way of the cross. Here was a giant of a man, however unassuming. We shall miss him, but only until the dawning of the eternal day. Until then, we quietly offer thanks to God that Mike Ovey made us better Christians than we otherwise would have been.”


Mike Ovey was a regular contributor to The Gospel Coalition and to its academic journal, Themelios, writing a regular column under the leadership of D. A. Carson.

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In memory of Mike Ovey

“Mike and Heather were in my ‘Read, Mark, Learn’ group (at St Helen’s Bishopsgate) in the early 1980s and they and their family were at St. Thomas’ North Sydney for four years in the late 1990s. We regard them as treasured friends. Mike has been a giant in biblical training, a gift in theological communication, a servant in Christian relationships and an example in personal godliness. We will hugely miss his stimulus, kindness and wit … for a while.”

Rev Simon Manchester, Rector, St Thomas' North Sydney

“Mike Ovey played a significant part in the transformation of Oak Hill during my time as Principal. Most importantly, he took the lead in reconstructing the Doctrine courses and persuading students about the importance of Systematic Theology. Mike was much appreciated as a preacher in Chapel, where he showed how to bring theology and exegesis together in the exposition of Scripture. He uniquely combined a wisdom about ministry in the Church of England with an appreciation of his experiences in Sydney, especially at Moore College.”

David Peterson, Former Oak Hill College Principal

“Dr Mike Ovey was a gifted student of God’s word whose ability to convey the truths of Holy Scripture and their contemporary application was outstanding. Mike’s scholarly analysis of current trends in philosophy and theology was astute and penetrating, always with a view to strengthening the Christian’s understanding of the nature of God’s kingdom and his sovereign rule over our lives. A gracious and godly leader, Mike’s presence and counsel will be sorely missed not only at Oak Hill College, where he served as Principal for a decade, but throughout England and the world. We in Sydney have lost a true friend whose frequent trips to our city will be sadly missed.”

Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney

“Mike’s courage and clarity and theological acuity were extraordinary. His determination, insight and grace under pressure – sometimes astonishing pressure – gave hope to many suffering at the hands of those who should have been caring for them. He was a wonderful gift of God to us.”

Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore College