Next week, November 15-17, is the annual meeting for the Evangelical Theological Society in Rhode Island. The theme is: “The Heritage of the Reformation.” David Dockery, President of Trinity International University, is this year’s program chair. The presidential address will be given by Sam Storms (Bridgeway Church / Enjoying God Ministries). Plenary Speakers include Gwenfair Adams, Timothy George, and Scott Manetsch.

There are a host of outstanding speakers and paper topics to attend. I will be presenting twice on topics I’ve been chewing on this past year:

1. Is Our Doctrine of Inerrancy Christological Enough? The Future of Inerrancy and the Necessity of Dogmatics
Convention Center – Room 552 B, Wednesday, November 15th, 4:30-5:10pm

This paper is one of four in the “Inerrancy of Scipture” session moderated each year by J. Michael Thigpen, Robert Yarbrough, and Gregg Allison. This year’s theme: “The Recent Spike in Books Supporting Inerrancy: Dying Gasps or Wave of the Future?” Other presenters in that session include C. John Collins, Osvaldo Padilla, and John Woodbridge.

2. Balancing Sola Scriptura and Catholic Trinitarianism: John Calvin and Nicene Complexity

Omni – Narragansett Ballroom B, 3:40 – 4:10 on Thursday, November 16th

This paper is one of four in the session titled: “Does Sola Scriptura Have a Future? The Reformation and Biblical Authority.” Colleague, Owen Strachan, and I will be leading this session.

A quick note about this session: the timetable for the paper presentations has changed to make room for a panel discussions at the end. The printed/online program does not reflect this change, but here is the revised schedule below:

3:00 PM—3:30 PM
John Woodbridge*
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Biblical Authority in the Nineteenth Century:  A Critique of David Bebbington’s Proposal

3:40 PM—4:10 PM
Matthew Barrett
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Balancing Sola Scriptura and Catholic Trinitarianism: John Calvin and Nicene Complexity

4:20 PM—4:50 PM
David Garner
Westminster Theological Seminary
‘Living and Active’: Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and the Church

5:00 PM—5:30 PM
Owen Strachan
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Retrieving Theopneustos: The Reformation’s Legacy and the Theologian’s Errand

5:40 PM—6:10 PM
Panel Discussion

If you follow Credo Magazine and plan on attending the conference, I would enjoy meeting you. You can find me at these paper sessions…or wandering around the bookstore!