Credo Fellows

Credo Fellows are committed to retrieving classical Christianity, creating and cultivating reformation in the church today. Credo Fellows are devoted to the orthodox creeds of the faith, such as the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Chalcedon Definition. Respecting their diverse denominational convictions, the Credo Fellows embody the spirit of the Reformation as displayed in its confessions and catechism. The Credo Fellow unite around classical Christianity by coming together on episodes of the Credo Alliance podcast.

Matthew Barrett


Founder of Credo • Professor of Christian Theology • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Read full profile.

Scott Swain


President • James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Systematic Theology • Reformed Theological Seminary

Fred Sanders


Professor • Associate Director of Torrey Honors College • Biola University

Craig Carter


Research Professor of Theology • Tyndale University

Carl Trueman


Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies • Grove City College

J.V. Fesko


Harriet Barbour Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology • Reformed Theological Seminary

James Dolezal


Associate Professor of Theology • Cairn University

Michael Haykin


Professor of Church History and Spirituality • Director of the Andrew Fuller Center of Baptist Studies • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Louis Markos


Professor of English • Robert H. Ray Chair in Humanities • Scholar-in-Residence • Houston Baptist University

Adonis Vidu


Professor of Theology • Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Gwenfair Walters Adams


Professor of Church History • Chair, Division of Christian Thought • Director of the Master of Arts of Spiritual Formation • Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Megan DeVore


Professor of Church History and Early Christian Studies • Colorado Christian University

Christopher R. J. Holmes


Associate Professor in Systematic Theology • The University of Otago • Anglican priest

Gavin Ortlund


Pastor of First Baptist Church of Ojai in Ojai, California • Author of Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals • Host of Truth Unites podcast