What is Credo about?

Credo exists to retrieve classical Christianity for the sake of creating and cultivating reformation in the church today.

Credo makes theology accessible so you can contemplate the living God

Credo is Latin for “I believe.” From the creeds of the church fathers to the confessions of the reformers, Christians have faithfully confessed the faith once for all delivered to the saints. By bridging the gap between church and academy, Credo helps churchgoers, pastors, and students alike retrieve classical Christianity for the sake of biblical and orthodox fidelity, fostering theological renewal in the church today. Yet Credo does not do so in a way that is dry and dusty, but like David in Psalm 27 Credo invites every Christian to gaze at the beauty of God. In the midst of a wasteland, Credo summons the Christian to contemplate the living God. To that end, Credo makes theology accessible in the following ways:

1. Read - Read Credo Magazine as both pastors and scholars help you recover the tools of classical Christianity.

2. Listen - Join the great conversation and listen to the Credo Podcast as Matthew Barrett talks to the best theologians today about the most pressing issues in theology.

3. Participate - Attend the annual lecture for the Center for Classical Theology and ask questions during the Q&A.

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Retrieving classical Christianity to create authentic reform in the church today.


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