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Can We Have Communion with the Trinity? Kelly Kapic and Matthew Barrett

Does the Trinity work inseparably? Ryan Hurd and Matthew Barrett

Confessing the Holy Spirit in an Age of Biblicism: Michael Haykin and Matthew Barrett

Why Should Evangelicals Reject the Eternal Subordination of the Son? Michael Bird and Matthew Barrett

Does Eternal Subordination Compromise Biblical Orthodoxy? Liam Goligher and Matthew Barrett

Is Eternal Generation Essential to the Gospel? Charles Lee Irons and Matthew Barrett

What is Eternal Generation? J.V. Fesko and Matthew Barrett

What does the ascension have to do with the atonement?

Why Must God be One to be Three? Matthew Levering and Matthew Barrett Discuss Divine Simplicity

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Trinity: Fred Sanders, Matthew Barrett, and the Dangers of Conflation

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