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Baptists and War Conference Audio

This past fall the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies hosted their 5th annual conference and the theme this year was: Baptists and War. Here is the plug for the conference:

War, like poverty, seems to be a constant feature of human life. And in recent days, “wars and rumors of wars” seem to be on the increase. How should Christians, and especially Baptists, think about this devastating feature of human existence? In this conference, we tackle this ever-pertinent question by looking at a number of the wars that Baptists have lived through and been involved in, beginning with the British Civil Wars all the way through to the recent Cold War. An especial highlight in this sesquicentennial year of the beginning of the American Civil War is a lecture open to the public and panel discussion on the Baptist experience in this war. Come and join us then for what we hope will be an informative and even inspirational conference on the meaning of war as it pertains to Baptist life and thought.

They have now made the audios from the conference available. Here are the plenary sessions:

Anthony Cross, “Baptists and Peace:  An Overview” (MP3)

Larry Kreitzer, “The ‘Valiant Old Lady’:  The Story of the Eighth Whelp (1628-46) and Her Baptist Chaplain John Pendarves” (MP3)

Keith Harper, “Baptists During the Period of the American Revolution” (MP3)

Paul Brewster, “Andrew Fuller and the War against Napolean” (MP3)

George Rable, “Was the American Civil War a Holy War?” (MP3)

Panel Discussion with George Rable, James Fuller, Tom Nettles, and Greg Wills, “Interpreting the American Civil War” (MP3)

James Robertson, “American and Canadian Baptists and the War of 1812″ (MP3)

Robert Linder, “Australian Baptists and World War II” (MP3)

Maurice Dowling, “Russian Baptists and the Cold War” (MP3)

Nathan Finn, “The Vietnam War and Baptist Witness” (MP3)

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