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Fred Zaspel and D. A. Carson: The Cross Shaped Christian Life

By Matthew Barrett–

If you are a regular Credo blog reader you might remember that a while ago we encouraged our readers to attend the Clarus 2012 conference (a regional conference of TGC) at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The theme was the Cross Shaped Christian Life and the speakers were D. A. Carson and Fred Zaspel. If you have been reading the Credo blog for even a week then you know that Fred is a regular blog contributor (read articles by Fred here) and has also written articles for the magazine as well. We very much enjoy having Fred contribute to Credo and we are pleased to say that the video of his Q&A time with D. A. Carson is now available (you can also find a recap of the conference here).

Ryan Kelly has written a summary of the Q&A here but here is the entire video itself:

Additionally, here are the audios for each of the messages by Zaspel and Carson:

B. B. Warfield on the Doctrine of Sanctification
Fred G. Zaspel

Living in a Difficult Time
D. A. Carson

Serving as He Served
Fred G. Zaspel

The Saving Word
D. A. Carson

Resolving Everyday Conflict
Rick Friesen

Forgiving As Forgiven
Fred G. Zaspel

Panel Discussion
D. A. Carson and Fred G. Zaspel

Christians Living in the Last Days
D. A. Carson

Finally, there are many other great speakers you will want to listen to from past conferences as well. Here is the line up!

Dr. G. K. Beale and Dr. Carl Trueman, Scripture: God Speaks

Dr. Wayne Grudem and Randy Alcorn, Between Heaven and Earth

Dr. Ray Ortlund, Jr. and Dr. Sam Storms, The Convergence of Doctrine and Delight

Dr. D. A. Carson and Dr. Michael Horton, Galatians and the Problem of Self Justification

Dr. G. K. Beale, From Symbolism to Significance: The Book of Revelation

Dr. William Edgar, Christianity and Culture

Dr. Carl Trueman, The Reformation: Why Was It Needed and Do We Need Another?

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