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Book Notes: Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lectures

By Matthew Barrett–

William D. Mounce. Basics of Biblical Greek: Video Lectures: A Complete Course for the Beginner. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2013.

William Mounce’s DVD set is out for students learning biblical Greek. If you are starting to learn Greek for the first time, this is a great resource to have. Not only can you learn Greek by working your way through Mounce’s textbooks, but now these videos give you a visual presentation as well. Here is the description:

A 6-DVD set, Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lectures features an integrated approach to learning New Testament Greek, turning it into a natural process and showing from the start how an understanding of the language helps in better comprehending the New Testament. This DVD set features 36 lessons, each twenty to thirty-five minute, for each chapter in Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar. Useful as a complement to the book or as a standalone resource, the lectures are perfect for formal Greek language students who miss a classroom lecture or want additional help in their learning; instructors wanting to devote classroom time to drills and exercises, providing a lecture tool students can watch on their own time; homeschool parents and students; and self-taught students of biblical Greek alike.

Also, Mounce has a website,, where he has countless resources. Here is a video where Mounce introduces you to these lessons and the Greek language:!

Matthew Barrett (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor of California Baptist University (OPS), as well as the founder and executive editor of Credo Magazine. He is the author of The Grace of Godliness: An Introduction to Doctrine and Piety in the Canons of Dort, Salvation by Grace: The Case for Effectual Calling and Regeneration, as well as the coeditor of Four Views on the Historical Adam (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology), and Whomever He Wills: A Surprising Display of Sovereign Mercy.

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