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Credo’s Cache

Each week we will be highlighting important resources. Check back each Friday to see what we have dug up for you. From this week’s cache:

1. Pinched by GenerosityBy Austin Becton – Becton says: “It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will free you from the bondage of materialism and wealth accumulation into selfless giving, (not because of your ability but) because of God’s infinite selfless generosity . . . that you feel the pinch of God’s call to be a generous people. We give because God first gave! That’s living a good life.” 

2. Culture and the Kingdom of GodBy Bruce Ashford – Ashford notes: “The best kept secret in the Christian life is that everything we do matters to God! We don’t have to be pastors or missionaries in order to please the King and do work on his behalf. We can be farmers, businessmen, homemakers, artists, or educators who shape our lives and cultural activities toward Christ, bringing those realms under his Lordship.”

3. Why Teenage Suicide is More than a Statistic for MeBy Trevin Wax – Wax says: “Oh, and that God is always good, but not according to the trite and easy answers we offer up with good intentions to people in pain. His goodness has an unshakeable quality to it that is fully equipped to handle our questions, our tears, our rage, our doubts and griefs.”

4. Two Big Reasons Evangelism Isn’t WorkingBy Jonathan Dodson – Dodson says: “We need to see evangelism as a long-term endeavor. Stop checking the list and defeating others. Be incarnate, not excarnate, in your evangelism. Slow down and practice listening and love. Most conversions are not the result of a single, point-in-time conversation, but the culmination of a personal process that includes doubt, reflection, gospel witness, love, and the work of the Holy Spirit.”

5. When Can We Stop Conversing and Believe Some Stuff? A Ramble on Intellectual NarcissismBy Derek Rishmawy – Rishmawy says: “In the other direction, do you enter every conversation with the expectation that people have reached the level of confidence and security that you have? In other words, is every expression of uncertainty and doubt an expression of rebellion and perversity, or do you give some space for those who are still piecing it through?”

Matt Manry is the Assistant Pastor at Life Bible Church in Canton, Georgia. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion at Reformed Theological Seminary and a Masters of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies from Knox Theological Seminary.

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