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Doctrine of God books on sale

Westminster Bookstore is having a sale on three doctrine of God books that are must reads for every student, pastor, churchgoer, and theologian.

0875522637mJohn Frame. The Doctrine of God. 

In The Doctrine of God John M. Frame resolves to remain faithful to sola Scriptura. “I seek here above all,” he writes, “to present what Scripture says about God, applying that teaching . . . to the questions of our time.” He includes copious references to biblical texts on particular subjects, indicating “the pervasiveness of these doctrines throughout the Bible.”

This volume’s central motif is that “god is Lord of the covenant.” Frame demonstrates “how all of the acts, attributes, and personal distinctions that Scripture attributes to God are expressions of his lordship.” This approach focuses “our attention on the main biblical message of salvation without ignoring or denying the large amount of biblical teaching on the nature and acts of God.”

“Our message to the world must emphasize that God is real, and that he will not be trifled with,” writes Frame, “He is the almighty, majestic Lord of heaven and earth, and demands our most passionate love and obedience. The theology helps us to formulate that message, applying the biblical teaching about God to us and to our time.”

0830815317mGerald Bray. The Doctrine of God. 

What is theology? What is the nature of God? How should we think about the relationships among the persons of the Trinity? In a carefully reasoned style Gerald Bray distills the essence of these questions and introduces readers to a theological understanding of the personal, trinitarian existence of God.

Engaging classical and contemporary theology along the way, Bray also leads us into conversation with the Eastern Orthodox tradition, where he finds valuable insights sadly neglected by evangelical theology.

Here is a substantial introduction to the nature and subject of God, and a compelling call for evangelicals to renew their commitment to the solid foundation of a truly trinitarian theology.

0801026555mHerman Bavinck. Reformed Dogmatics. Vol. 2: God and Creation. 

Arguably the most important systematic theology ever produced in the Reformed tradition – I have found it to be the most valuable – English-speaking theology throughout the 20th century until now has been singularly impoverished by not having at its disposal a translation of Bavinck’s Dogmatiek in its entirety. The appearance of this volume, with the remaining three planned to follow in the near future, will be an incomparable boon for generations of students, pastors, teachers and others, serving to deepen understanding and enrich reflection in both historical and systematic theology. –Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. – Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


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