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The Best of 2018: Magazines, Podcasts, Videos, and Articles to Remember

The ministry of Credo Magazine took on a new look in 2018, expanding its platform in a variety of ways. Having launched a brand new website, Credo now produces podcasts and videos alongside the quarterly magazine and weekly blog. In this post, we want to share with you the best of 2018.

2018 Magazine Issues

Credo magazine is a quarterly publication with articles, columns, interviews, and book reviews on today’s most important theological topics. Here are the 2018 issues.

Our Top 3 Podcasts

The Credo Podcast launched in April of 2018. In each episode, Matthew Barrett talks with fellow theologians about the most important doctrines of the faith. The Credo Podcast is available on Soundcloud as well as iTunes. If you’ve enjoyed the Credo Podcast thus far, you are sure to enjoy the episodes slated for 2019. You can listen to all the episodes on the Credo Podcast page.

New Resources

If you enjoyed the podcast with host Matthew Barrett, then you will also be interested to know about several new publications: In 2018 Barrett published a book called 40 Questions about Salvation (Kregal Academic), which answers some of the most difficult questions Christians face on the doctrine of salvation. His 2016 volume, God’s Word Alone, was issued as a Zondervan Academic course with over 20 video lectures.

In March of 2019, Barrett has two books that will be published:

1. None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God (Baker)

2. The Doctrine on Which the Church Stands or Falls: Justification in Biblical, Theological, Historical, and Pastoral Perspective (Crossway)

Our Top 3 Videos

Nearly thirty videos were released in 2018. You can view all our videos on the Credo video page. Here were the top 3 videos of the year.

Our Top 18 Articles

On the Credo blog you will find a host of biblical, theological, and practical resources posted each weekday. Here are our top eighteen articles of 2018.

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Brandon Freeman

Brandon Freeman is a pastor at Liberty Baptist Church and a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2015, he graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. He serves as the Executive Assistant To the Vice President of Institutional Administration at MBTS.

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