Christians have the opportunity and responsibility to be theologians in each sphere of life. Unbeknownst to many, theology shapes (and should shape) how we engage those around us.

Moreover, theology informs our perspective on the ordinary, day in, day out tasks of life. In recent weeks, several articles have been written on platforms of the everyday theologian: the daddy-theologian, husband-theologian, wife-theologian, mommy-theologian, and church member-theologian. Though some of us may not know hold such titles as dad or wife, the contents of each article are applicable to a wide variety of settings.

In each article below, the author seeks to provide biblical testimony on not only why one should seek to be a theologian in their respective areas of life but also how. 

The Task and Tools of the Daddy-Theologian

Matrimony and the Mind: The Need for Husband-Theologians

The Spirit of the Age: Why Wives Must Be Theologians

The Church’s Duty Requires It: Why Church Members Must Be Theologians


The Apologetic of Being Mom: Why Mothers Must Be Theologians

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