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The New Issue of Credo Magazine: Will all Be Saved?

The new issue of Credo Magazine is now here: Will all Be Saved?

Will all be saved? There are few questions as sensitive as this one. It is sure to provoke an emotional response. For many, to answer “no” is to compromise the very character of God. A God who does not save everyone cannot be a God of love. In response, sometimes evangelicals rattle off texts that say Jesus is the only way or texts that teach the doctrine of hell, all the while neglecting the heart of the matter: the character of God himself. In this issue, pastors and professors alike look at the claims of universalism and show that the reason they fumble is first and foremost because they compromise attributes of God like justice and, yes, even love. Whether you are a churchgoer, pastor, or theologian yourself, it is only a matter of time before someone you love wrestles with universalism. It might even be you. So, prepare now.

Included in this issue are contributions from Archibald Alexander, Alan Gomes, Michael McClymond, Matthew Barrett, Glenn Butner, Jr., J. V. Fesko, Daniel Treier, Denny Burk, Joshua Greever, Todd PruittScott Smith, and Matt Neidig.

Read the new issue today: Will all Be Saved?

Joseph Lanier

Joseph Lanier (Ph.D., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is an elder at Emmaus Church in Kansas City, where he oversees the Emmaus Institute. He is joyfully married to Kristen and they have two children.

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