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A Look Inside the New Issue of Credo Magazine: Eternal Generation

The new issue of Credo Magazine is now here! Eternal Generation

The eternal generation of the Son has fallen on hard times. In the last century, evangelicals have dispensed with the doctrine in the spirit of a narrow biblicism—We just believe the Bible! Others have thrown out the doctrine because they cannot master the mystery of such a belief—It just doesn’t make sense! The consequences have been brutal: generation after generation has been cut off from Christian orthodoxy. Just as egregious, evangelicals have not learned how the warp and woof of redemptive history reveals the Son’s origin from the Father from all eternity.

In this issue of Credo Magazine, the contributors abandon the critical spirit of our contemporary era and clothe themselves in a spirit of hermeneutical humility. As they sit at the feet of ancient interpreters, they labor to understand why eternal generation not only serves to distinguish the Son from the Father but safeguards the Son’s divine equality with the Father.

Featured Articles:

God the Son and the Covenant of Grace by R. Scott Clark

The Bulwark of Trinitarian Theology by Griffin Gulledge

Begotten, Not Made by Josh Malone

The Catholic Puritan by Ryan McGraw

The Radiance of the Father by Madison N. Pierce

Doctrinally Dressed Up but No Way to Get There by Jeriah D. Shank

What Does it Mean to be “Pro-Nicene”? by Shawn J. Wilhite


First Principles by Matthew Barrett

Your People Must Know Jesus by Jonathan Parnell

Classic Christian Text: The Nicene Creed


Why Eternal Generation Matters by Bradley G. Green

10 Questions with David Fergusson

Book Reviews:

A “New Perspective” on Second Century Christianity? by Robert J. Cara

John Owen the Man. . . and Theologian by Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

Should we Believe in a Covenant of Works by Gary Steward


Read the new issue of Credo Magazine today: Eternal Generation

Timothy Gatewood

Timothy Gatewood is a Residential PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary studying Theology. He serves as an adjunct instructor for MBTS and as an editor of Credo Magazine. Timothy is a pastoral resident at Emmaus Church where he attends with his wife, Beth, and son, John Howard. His work has been featured in the Lost Sermons of C.H Spurgeon series (B&H Publishing), the Midwestern Journal of Theology, and before the Evangelical Theological Society. He is currently writing his dissertation on the relationship between the divine attributes and metaphysical truth.

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