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A Look Inside the New Issue of Credo Magazine: We Believe

The new issue of Credo Magazine is here!

We Believe: Creeds Every Christian Should Read

If evangelicals are anything, they are a Bible people; a people of the book who hold the Holy Scriptures as sufficient and authoritative. This is undoubtedly a good thing. But must this high view of Scripture lead to a depreciated view of the Church’s historic creeds? Too often, evangelicals are tempted to answer this question in the affirmative. This is a grave mistake, however, for while the Scriptures are authoritative and sufficient in their own right, they still must be interpreted. At their best, the creeds have functioned as faithful interpretations of the Scriptures; well-forged articulations of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. The creeds are the collected wisdom of Christ’s Church, and confessing them is a way for evangelicals today to take Christ at his word when he promised that he would build his Church, and that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. When we read and confess the ancient creeds, we are self-consciously identifying ourselves with our family history. In this issue of Credo Magazine, readers are invited to listen to the past and to be reminded of the best early creeds of the Christian faith.

Featured Articles:

The Nicene Doctrine of the Trinity and Banquo’s Ghost by Craig A. Carter

The Chalcedonian Definition by Donald Fairbairn

The Athanasian Creed by Justin Holcomb

The Nicene Creed by Bryan Litfin

The Apostle’s Creed by Adriel Sanchez

The Council of Orange by Bradley G. Green


First Principles by Matthew Barrett

The Christian Creeds by Rhyne R. Putnam


10 Questions with Megan DeVore

A Tour Guide of Maximus the Confessor with Paul E. Blowers

Book Reviews:

Retrieving Ancient Philosophy by Drake Burrows

We Have Seen His Glory by David Rathel

Transfiguring the Cosmos by Zach Hollifield

Read the new issue today: We Believe: Creeds Every Christian Should Read

Samuel G. Parkison

Samuel G. Parkison (PhD Midwestern Seminary) is an editor of Credo Magazine. He lives in Kansas City with his wife (Shannon) and their three sons, where Samuel serves as a Pastor of Teaching and Liturgy at Emmaus Church. He is the author of Revelation and Response: The Why and How of Leading Corporate Worship Through Song.

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