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The Doctrine of God: New course with Matthew Barrett

The For the Church Institute has released a new course called Theology 1 by Matthew Barrett, editor-in-chief of Credo Magazine and host of the Credo Podcast. Over the next year, FTC Institute will release lectures within this course. Last week we highlighted Unit 1 which asks the question, What is Theology? Today we highlight Unit 2 which contemplates The Doctrine of God.

Unit 2:

Christian theology serves as both a gardener, cultivating faithfulness to the Trinity of orthodoxy, and a guardian, protecting the church from old and new false teaching.

Lectures in this class include:

  • Ways to know that God exists?
  • Why is God the perfect Being? Part 1 & 1
  • How is the Blessed Trinity revealed to us? Part 1 & 2

Here’s the trailer for the Doctrine of God lectures:

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