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New Podcast! Union with Christ

Credo Fellow Gavin Ortlund tees up with Matthew Barrett for a special crossover episode between the Credo podcast and Truth Unites. Their goal is to root Protestants in the wisdom of scripture and the riches of the Great Tradition.

In this episode, they talk to J. Todd Billings about union with Christ and its relationship to the doctrine of participation. Protestants are often accused of having a deficient doctrine of participation, but Billings holds up John Calvin to show otherwise. Also, Billings believes union with Christ is theological shorthand for the gospel itself. Together Barrett, Ortlund, and Billings discuss a range of topics such as: why Protestants should embrace the doctrine of participation, the relationship between union with Christ and justification, how participation informs sacramental ontology, what union with Christ has to do with justice, pastoral implications of both doctrines in the church, and more!

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