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Introducing The Biblical Theology Podcast

This is the first episode in the brand new Biblical Theology podcast!

We all use a theological key to interpret Scripture. The question is, is it a good one? John Calvin wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion, a summary of Christian doctrine, to give us a “key” to better read and understand the Scriptures. Drs. Bierig and Barrett discuss some assumptions people might be tempted to make about Biblical theology. This podcast aims to sit at the crossroads of exegesis, philosophy, creedal understanding, and historical theology and engage in Biblical theology. 

In this episode, Matthew Barrett and Sam Bierig introduce the podcast’s scope and what listeners ought to expect but do so by discussing the Preface to John Calvin’s French edition of the Institutes of a Christian Religion. In short, Calvin set out to write a summary of doctrine that catechized the people on who God is as they read their Bible.

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