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New Credo Podcast! Carl Trueman: Classical Theology and the Modern Mind

Step into the world of classical theology with Carl Trueman. At the inaugural event for The Center for Classical Theology (CCT), Trueman delivered a captivating lecture called “Classical Theology and the Modern Mind,” demonstrating why a return to the orthodoxy of the creeds and confessions is the remedy to the challenges we face on this side of modernity. In the past, Trueman has diagnosed our turn to the modern self, but in this lecture he provides the remedy that begins with the doctrine of God.

The CCT annual lecture is sponsored by Crossway. In the aftermath of modernism’s deconstruction of dogmatics, each lectureship is committed to the renewal of dogmatics with the church catholic (universal)—from the church fathers to the medieval and Protestant scholastics. CCT summons the next generation of theologians to exemplify biblical reasoning, rational contemplation, and reformed catholicity that directs systematic theology to its spiritual end and most blessed hope: beholding the beauty of the Lord.

Driven by a commitment to contemplate God and all things in relation to God by listening with humility to his word with the wisdom of the Great Tradition, CCT strives to create a renewed vision for theology today in the spirit of faith seeking understanding. The CCT meets every November on the evening before the Evangelical Theological Society and invites one of the best theologians today to give a lecture, followed by Q&A with other theologians.

Come to the next lecture in San Diego this November (2024) to hear Reformed theologian Michael Horton. Registration opens in March.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Carl Trueman

Carl Trueman (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He has written more than a dozen books, including Histories and Fallacies: Problems Faced in the Writing of History, Luther on the Christian Life, The Creedal Imperative, Grace Alone: Salvation as a Gift of God, John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man, and is currently co-editing with Bruce Gordon the Oxford Handbook of Calvin and Calvinism.

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