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New Credo Alliance Podcast! We Believe in the Holy Spirit

In this episode of the Credo Alliance, Credo Fellows John Fesko, Fred Sanders, and Scott Swain join Matthew Barrett to discuss the Holy Spirit and the  eternal spiration of the Holy Spirit. They explore the historical and theological background of the Nicene Creed, and the implications of the Holy Spirit’s procession from the Father and the Son. Additionally, they address the Filioque debate, highlighting both Eastern and Western perspectives, and emphasize the importance of securing the Spirit’s personhood in relation to the Father and the Son. In doing so, the come together to contemplate a great mystery: how eternal spiration is distinct from eternal generation, examining the nuances within the Classical theological tradition. Throughout their conversation, these Credo Fellows navigate theological and biblical complexities, seeking to establish a clear understanding of the Holy Spirit’s personhood and procession within the Trinity.

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