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The Magical Winter King

The True Meaning of Courage

T  he Winter King (Canonball Books, 2019) is a newly published creation by Christine Cohen that shows the true meaning of courage and standing up for what is right.

winter king coverIn this tale Cora, who is the first of four siblings and very positive about what she does, works in the kitchen for the High Aldorman preparing meals and seasonal feasts with her mother Greta, the head chef. Cora’s family is believed to be cursed, because her father fell through the ice and drowned. The village lives under fear of their god-man ruler: Winter King. The Winter King’s wife had been kidnapped by a monster named Daugar, who lives in the surrounding woods, which are magical in every way. Each year, the Winter King punishes the town with four extra months of deadly winter.

When the Winter Feast is sabotaged, the village blames Greta who is then demoted to second chef. As a result, the pay will be half the amount of head chef. Cora’s family is already suffering from the icy winter so how will they ever survive? Cora takes on another job trying to earn more money for her wilting family. She soon finds herself breaking rules she has followed from youth.

One day Cora accidentally eavesdrops on the High Aldorman and Nills, her master, talking about a sacred book that they are trying to destroy. They say that the book holds the real story of the Winter King and his magic. Cora decides that she must learn how to read so she can discover what secrets the book holds.

Soon a coughing sickness spreads over the village and many people die by the hour, including Cora’s brother, Leif. Cora knows that she must get hold of that book to save her town and find out the real truth about their king. Cora’s determination is gripping. She does not hesitate to protect her family no matter the cost, even if it means sacrificing herself.

The adventure of this book was planned out so carefully that every little thing comes together at the end. When Cora unveils the secrets of the book her perspective of the Winter King is turned upside down. And so will yours.

Cassandra Mae Barrett

Cassandra Barrett is eleven years old and an aspiring young writer. She is an avid reader, editor of the Barrett Express, and hopes to one day write a novel of her own.

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