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On our “Reviews and Interviews” page, Fred Zaspel has reviewed Jonathan Leeman’s new book, Reverberation: How God’s Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People (Chicago: Moody, 2011). Zaspel begins,

Surely every Christian acknowledges the power of God’s Word. Well, at least as a creedal statement we all would acknowledge it. But whether our practice measures up to our creed is the question. Specifically, if we acknowledge that it is through his Word that God works, then how must this shape the way we “do” church? 

As I picked up Reverberation I frankly was not prepared for the treat that awaited me. Following my customary procedure I read the title, subtitle, the book description on the back cover, the table of contents, and even the recommendations given by reliable men. So by the time I started reading the book itself I already knew what it was all about and that I would find myself in happy agreement with it. What I did not anticipate is the clarity of Leeman’s presentation, the cogency his argument, and the overall effectiveness of his exposition and application of this marvelous theme. With each page I became more eager to urge everyone in our church to read it!

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