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A Gracious and Compassionate God

Over on Credo’s “Reviews and Interviews” page, Nate Wood has written a helpful review of A Gracious and Compassionate God: Mission, Salvation and Spirituality in the Book of Jonah, by Daniel Timmer (IVP).  He begins,

The book of Jonah is often known for the famous story of Jonah and the great fish, but Daniel Timmer has produced a volume in which he shows why the book of Jonah is a brilliant literary masterpiece, and more importantly, how the book fits into a biblical theology of the Bible. Timmer reflects on the biblical theme of mission and the relationship of Israel to the nations, particularly in the Old Testament and the book of Jonah.  Timmer endeavors to understand the tension between the passive role of Israel in missionary activity to the nations and a prophet of Israel being sent to preach to the Gentile city of Nineveh.  He also seeks to investigate the nature of religious conversion and spirituality as it is portrayed in the Old Testament.  While these themes and concepts are explored, Timmer goes to great lengths to focus on the text of Jonah in both its historical and biblical-theological contexts, in order to aid the reader in his or her study of this minor prophet. Throughout the book, he shows how the author writes in such a way so as to facilitate spiritual change in the hearts and minds of the reader.

Read the rest of Nate Wood’s review here.

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