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Christmas gifts for women

By Elizabeth Barrett

As Christmas approaches, you will likely be asking your wives “Honey, what would you like for Christmas?” If your wife is anything like me, she may respond “Something from the heart,” or “Whatever you want me to have.” What I honestly and truly want from my husband is the perfect gift, found by him, without any suggestions from me. Perhaps I need to reevaluate my expectations… but perhaps you can amaze your wife with one of my following gift suggestions:

Larkrise to Candleford


This is a BBC tv series that is AWESOME. If the lady in your life likes the other classic bbc productions (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Downton Abbey, etc.) she will LOVE Larkrise to Candleford. I promise.

Necklace charms from Charmed by Heidi


Another sure winner. These necklace charms are hand painted and gorgeous. Heidi has many different charm designs, I suggest picking one that will have sentimental meaning. Did you and your wife go kite flying on a date? – there’s a charm for that. Was your honeymoon on the beach? – there’s a charm for that. Be sure to include a card that says “I love you more everyday since that first date years ago…” She will be extremely happy.

Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible and The Pioneer Woman Cooks



These are two very fun cookbooks. Paula is just so warm and motherly, and everything the Pioneer Woman make is just delicious. To me, this is an obvious choice for any man. Do you want you wife to whip up some chocolate sheet cake? How about sizzlin’ jalapeno meatballs? If yes: get her a cookbook.

Biography of Elizabeth Prentiss and The Hiding Place



Along the line of books, If your wife likes to read two of my favorite books of all time are the Biography of Elizabeth Prentiss by Sharon James, and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Elizabeth Prentiss is the author of Stepping Heavenward (another fantastic book), she was a strong Christian woman who greatly trusted the Lord amidst trials and suffering. And The Hiding Place is the story of the Ten Boom family’s faith and courage in saving persecuted Jews from the Nazi’s. Both are true stories of remarkable women and any reader would surely be encouraged in the Lord.

The Apparent Project



And if you really want to give a gift with meaning, check out the store from The Apparent Project. I love this ministry, they are a Haitian ministry that seeks to keep families together so that adoptions are not necessary. So many times poor moms and dads have to give their children up, not because they do not love them, but because they can not afford to feed them. The Apparent Project helps parents become artisans and sells their wares online. So go buy lots and lots of necklaces, journals, and nativity sets from them and think of the happy children in Haiti who get to spend another Christmas at home with their families.

The lucky ladies in your life would be sure to appreciate any of these gifts. She would be pleasantly surprised to receive such a thoughtful gift (you don’t have to mention that you read it on this blog.) All this lucky lady can hope for is that my husband will read this post too!

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