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Two Announcements

We have two announcements to make. First, one of our weekly bloggers and contributors, A. B. Caneday, has been invited by Janet Mefferd to speak on the Salem Radio Network about his recent articles for Credo on forgiveness! The interview will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2, from 2:00 to 2:30 PM (EST). If you are in the Twin Cities, where Janet’s show is hosted, the interview will be live at 10:00PM. And you can listen to the show here. We look forward to listening in and are pleased to see our contributors interacting with important issues.

Second, Western Seminary has launched a new blog, Transformed: Living the Gospel in an everyday world. Among their contributors is Marc Cortez, who has written for the Credo blog in the past (view his articles here). They are giving away lots of good books, which you can enter to win here.

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