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Paul and Scripture

How are we to interpret the Old Testament in light of the New? More specific yet, how does Paul interpret the Old Testament in his epistles? Richard Lucas, in his recent review of Paul and Scripture: Studying the New Testament Use of the Old Testament  by Steve Moyise, begins by writing,

The area of study collectively known as the use of the Old Testament in the New is vast and multi-faceted, intersecting with various other disciplines, even within biblical studies.  Here Steve Moyise, professor of New Testament at the University of Chichester, seeks to provide an introduction to how the Old Testament is used in the Pauline corpus.

The primary focus of this work is on the explicit quotations of the Old Testament in the Pauline letters. The vast majority of which are found in the “undisputed letters,” specifically in Galatians, Romans and Corinthians.  Rather than taking the approach of surveying how the OT is used in each letter, Moyise starts with an OT concept or portion of Scripture and then shows how Paul’s teaching grows out of and interacts with the Hebrew Scriptures.

Read Richard’s entire review.

This review is taken from the October issue of Credo Magazine, “The Living Word.” Want to read others like it?

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