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Thomas Schreiner: “Living Like Jesus is the Only Way”

Last year at ETS Thomas Schreiner, professor of New Testament at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary gave an excellent message on (in critique of) the New Perspective on Paul. This year Schreiner gave the devotional at the B&H breakfast and his message was called, “Living Like Jesus is the Only Way.” Schreiner’s devotional was excellent, challenging us not to compromise the truths of Scripture under the pressure of colleagues and the world. Schreiner warns against lusting for praise from other people. Wow, what a convicting message this is, especially in light of how much scholars today seek the praise of others, even if it means compromising biblical truths. Here are the four points of Schreiner’s message:

1. If Jesus is the only way then we must be courageous, not flinching from telling others that Jesus is the only way, even if it means being ridiculed and persecuted.

2. If we live like Jesus is the only way then we will be humble in our witness.

3. We are not living as if Jesus is the only way if we focus on ourselves in our conversations.

4. We live as if Jesus is the only way if we are thankful people.

I appreciated the little anecdote Schreiner gave about how when he first starting attending ETS he noticed that some of the most genius scholars were also the most arrogant. They had BIG egos. Schreiner reminds us that if we live like Jesus is the only way then we will not seek to advance ourselves but Christ.

Honestly, I cannot think of a more needed message than this one to be delivered to a bunch of scholars. Schreiner reminds us to stop making much of ourselves, and to make much of Christ.

The message is only 17 minutes and is well worth your time! Listen here.

Matthew Barrett is executive editor of Credo Magazine.

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