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Two Resources: Timothy George and J. I. Packer

Today we would like to highlight two free resources that are just “must haves” for every Christian.

First, J. I. Packer’s famous book, Knowing God, has been made available as an audio, free to download during the month of January.

Second, has now made available the audios to Timothy’s George’s lectures on Reformation Theology. As you probably guessed, these lectures are based on his book, Theology of the Reformers.


Church History as a Theological Discipline
The Importance of Augustine in Reformation Theology
Scholasticism, Humanism and Mysticism

Luther and Zwingli

Martin Luther: Road to Reformation
Diversity in the Reformation in Saxony
Huldrych Zwingli: Something Bold for God


Calvin’s Role in the Swiss Reformation
An Overview of Calvin’s Theology
The Institutes: Book One
The Institutes: Book One (continued)
The Institutes: Book Two
Calvin’s Farewell Address, and Other Issues


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