In the January issue of Credo Magazine, “In Christ Alone,” Steve Cowan, Professor of Philosophy, Louisiana College, has written a helpful review of Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith, by Douglas Groothuis. Cowan writes,

Christian Apologetics is a truly masterful work. It covers almost all of the major apologetics issues that an apologetics instructor could want and does so in a readable way. My complaints are only two. First, after going to significant lengths to explain the “hypothesis testing model” and define the criteria for assessing worldviews more precisely than any other text does, Groothuis never explicitly applies those criteria to Christianity or any other worldview. The rest of the book proceeds along the standard lines of classical apologetics. Second, there are some topics that would have been welcome in a book that claims to provide a “comprehensive” case for Christianity. For example, chapters on the coherence of the divine attributes and a fuller treatment of the coherence of the trinity. Of course, the book would have to be even longer to accommodate these suggestions. However, perhaps abbreviated versions of chapters 6 and 7, and a discussion of fewer theistic arguments could have allowed these other topics.

These criticisms are trivial, though, when compared to the overall product. I highly recommend this book for use as a primary textbook in apologetics courses.

Read Cowan’s entire review here.

This review is from the January issue of Credo Magazine, “In Christ Alone.” Read other reviews like it today!

The January issue argues for the exclusivity of the gospel, especially in light of the movement known as inclusivism. This issue will seek to answer questions like: Can those who have never heard the gospel of Christ be saved? Will everyone be saved in the end or will some spend an eternity in hell? Must someone have explicit faith in Christ to be saved? Contributors include David Wells, Robert Peterson, Michael Horton, Gerald Bray, Todd Miles, Todd Borger, Ardel Caneday, Nathan Finn, Trevin Wax, Michael Reeves, and many others.

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