Nothing is more encouraging in our fight against temptation than knowing that we have a victor in Christ who has already conquered sin and Satan in our place.   In Tempted and Tried, Russell D. Moore expounds upon this great truth

Jared Moore reviewed Russell Moore’s book.  Jared Writes,

In Temped and Tried, Russell Moore frames the temptation of Christ within redemptive history and as the answer for the daily temptations all Christians encounter. Christ’s example is not merely our example to follow, but his example is our answer to temptation. We look to his gospel, the good news of his death and resurrection, to reconcile us to his Father. We are not left alone to fend for ourselves for we have one who has conquered, is conquering, and will conquer the evil one. In other words, we cannot triumph over temptation, only Jesus can (195).

Christians exist in a wilderness of temptation where possible pitfalls lurk around every corner and where we least expect it (Ch. 1). Temptation is subtle and leads gradually to a great fall. Justifying a “small” sin eventually encourages us to justify “greater” sins. Sins we would not have committed in the beginning, we are desensitized to embrace later (Ch. 2). As sinners, we want what we want, but it can never satisfy. We must long for eternity more than we long for the temporary. Christ heard his Father’s voice louder than his growling stomach when tempted in the wilderness. Having been made sons and daughters through Christ’s blood, we must hear our Father’s voice louder than our appetites as well (Ch. 3).

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