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If you are visiting our website for the first time this week, be sure to check out the March issue, “Make Disciples of All Nations,” which just released!

To view the Magazine as a PDF {Click Here}

There are loads and loads of good stuff to read. Feature articles include,

“Mission Impossible: My Five-Year Reunion with Missional and Emerging,” by Ted Kluck

“As Though He Needed Anything: Missions in Papua New Guinea,” by Bill, Kelley, Madison, and Sabra Housley

“Ambition Overthrown: The Conversion, Consecration, and Commission of Adoniram Judson, 1788-1812,” by Jason G. Duesing

“Adoniram Judson: Pioneer Missionary to Burma,” by Nathan Finn

“The Great Commission Story,” by Brian Vickers

Also don’t miss your chance to get to know hip-hop artist, Shai Linne talk about his new cd on the attributes of God, lyrical theology, and John Newton. And explore some Q&A with Kenneth Stewart in his interview titled, “Is Calvinism Anti-Missionary?”

As always, we have two fun pieces where you get to here a handful of pastors/scholars answer the same question. In this issue’s From the Horse’s Mouth, Andrew Farley, Trevin Wax, and Jonathan Leeman all answer the question, “What is the Mission of the Church?” And in A Scale from 1 to 10, Craig Blomberg, Rob Plummer, Darrell Bock, and Andrew Hill tackle the tough question, “How much should the Old Testament influence our interpretation of the New Testament?”

Finally, we have some excellent book reviews. For example, Jeff Straub reflects on Andrew Hoffecker’s new biography of Charles Hodge and David VanDrunen gives his critique of Scot McNight’s new book, The King Jesus Gospel.

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