By Matthew Barrett–

Reformation Day is almost upon us! Today I want to recommend some exciting and valuable new resources from Ligonier Ministries.

Luther and the Reformation (CD or DVD). By R. C. Sproul.

Centuries after his death, Martin Luther is celebrated as an intellectual giant, a brave opponent of corruption, a shaper of culture, indeed, as one of the most significant figures in Western history. Many people, however, are unaware of the events of Luther’s life that led him to make a courageous stand for the gospel in the sixteenth century. In this series, R.C. Sproul provides a thorough introduction to the life and thought of Martin Luther. With an eye to the lessons we can learn today, Dr. Sproul traces the major events of Luther’s life and explores the gospel recovered by Luther and the other Protestant Reformers.

Here are the titles for each lecture:

Luther and the Lightning Bolt

Monastery and Rome Crisis

Tower Experience

Building St. Peters

Indulgence Controversy

Progress to Worms

Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 1)

Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 2)

Protestant View of Justification

Rome’s Objections Answered

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Lecture 1, Luther & the Lightning Bolt:

Protestants around the world today celebrate their distinction from the Roman Catholic Church proudly and regularly. Yet, how many actually know the history behind their separation? The old adage “you can’t know where you are going until you know from where you came” may not ring true in every situation, but the sorrowful state of biblical orthodoxy in Protestant churches today demonstrates the value of this old proverb. The events culminating in the Reformation of the sixteenth century occurred in response to the dilapidated treatment and understanding of God’s Word extant in the Roman Catholic Church. In the first lecture of this series, Dr. Sproul introduces the man who challenged the errant status quo and sparked a flame of change that still burns today: Martin Luther.

Reformation Profiles (CD or DVD). By Stephen J. Nichols.

People new to Reformed theology may wonder just what it was about a five-hundred-year-old historical movement that affects our thinking so much today. So join Dr. Stephen Nichols for an inviting, approachable take on “Reformation 101,” as he explores the events of the Protestant Reformation from the perspective of important figures from each of four key countries in this new seven-part teaching series. More than a history lesson, Dr. Nichols helps believers understand why the Reformation mattered then and matters now.

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Here are the titles for each lecture:

Why the Reformation Matters

Sola Scriptura: Martin Luther and the Rediscovery of the Authority of Scripture

Sola Gratia: Ulrich Zwingli and the Rediscovery of Grace

Sola Fide: Lady Jane Grey and the Rediscovery of Justification by Faith

Solus Christus: John Calvin and the Blessing of Christ Alone

Soli Deo Gloria: Glorifying God in Everything

Questions and Answers

And here is the first lecture for free!

Lecture 1, Why the Reformation Matters:

The church today faces problems similar to the church of yesteryear, albeit packaged and branded in different forms. A careful study of the history of the church prepares and equips its members to face the difficulties of its own day. The Reformation of the sixteenth century emphasized a return to the Word of God as a remedy for the theological deficiencies of the Roman Catholic Church, and Dr. Nichols embarks on this series to assist the current church by understanding the solas of the Reformation and their place for the people of God in all ages.